Spacious Passion

Chapter 8 – Spacious Passion & Passionate Space


Q: With realised view, is there no contradiction between seeing ourselves as defined and not-defined, separate and inseparable, continuous and not continuous?

NN: The nature of the path of Tantra is ambiguity and paradox, and the practice is to be able to dwell in ambiguity. I am here with you in the rôle of Dharma teacher; when I visit my mother I am in the rôle of daughter; when I am cooking a meal for my family I am in the rôle of mother and housewife. It is not going to work if I try and be Dharma teacher with my mother or try to be mother when I am teaching Dharma. If I cannot allow one definition of myself to dissolve and another to arise, I cannot function in my life. The reason that problems occur is because we cling to our definitions. We can learn to recognise the relative and transient form of our definition, separateness, and continuity, without denying our lack of an inherent, fixed definition, dependence on others, and lack of an inherent, unchanging continuity.